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City Of Calhoun

History of Calhoun:  Calhoun was established in 1835 by James Nash and named after the great statesman and Senator, John C. Calhoun of South Carolina. The town was incorporated on February 10, 1870.

In 1841, Calhoun vied for the county seat. Despite Calhoun being the larger of the two communities, Clinton was named the county seat because it was more centrally located.

The pottery business was one of the earliest industries with as many as six companies in operation at once. Calhoun was nicknamed “Jugtown” due to the large amounts of earthenware shipped throughout the country from this small community.

In the late 1800’s there were over 56 businesses and the population reached 800 people.

The Calhoun Courthouse is located in the beautiful Calhoun Square (208 E. Main Street).  The courtyard is shaded and contains picnic tables and benches which is a great spot to take a break or have a picnic.  It also hosts a monument which shares the City’s history.

Calhoun Colt Show began in 1902 when Frank Richardson remarked to Bud Garrett that he had the best colt in the country.  Bud straightway said he did not know so well about that, he had a couple of good ones himself, and to bring his colt in and they’d compare.  Word made it to the newspaper, The Clarion, that there would be a Colt Show in Calhoun and to tell ‘em to bring their colts, and thus was born the Calhoun Colt Show.


The Calhoun Colt Show is the oldest of its kind in Missouri and is held the weekend after Labor Day in September, and still hosts mule and horse shows.  It also includes a carnival, culinary, fancy work and garden exhibits, queen contests, live music, a car and bike show, a parade and much more.


The Katy Trail head at Calhoun is located at the end of South Olive Street, behind the Calhoun City Hall.  It hosts both bicycle and equestrian riders.  Calhoun is located at the 255.2 mile marker on the Katy Trail between Clinton and Windsor.